Best Fitness Exercise Guide At Home

Do you want to start your fitness routine but don’t know how or where to start? This article will help you begin your training right away and inform you of some ways to improve your fitness exercise over time.

Benefits of doing fitness exercises

Every exercise is different from one another, but each of them can help you achieve positive benefits if you are keen enough to exercise daily. So, why should you exercise daily?
Help you stay fit – The most important thing is that the human body needs to constantly move for its cells to improve and grow. So, for you to keep healthy all the time, exercising every day will be very helpful to achieve this goal.

  • Develop Body Muscles – In addition to the first point, your body will transform gradually each time you exercise. You may feel exhausted or sore after exercising, but that is just a sign that your muscles are slowly get firmer.
  • Decrease The Risk of Heart Attack – Moving your body consistently will also decrease the risk of getting a heart attack. Exercising will help improve your heart rate and stabilize the blood pressure throughout your body.
  • Improve Bones Strength – While it is true that exercising every day will also strengthen your bones, this benefit can only be achieved if you balanced your exercise with your diet.
  • Reduce Body Fat – Lastly, exercising will help those who wish to have the most ideal body size. Exercising will convert your body fat into energy and strength that your body needs every day.

Forms of Fitness Exercises

Each form of exercise will develop different results based on what goals you want to achieve from your exercise routine. Therefore, choosing or building the right exercise routine is essential to get the best out of it. There are lots of exercise routines you can find to help to improve your fitness, but there are three main forms of fitness exercises, such as:

  • Simple Workout – This type of workout relies mostly on your cardiovascular ability. Some exercises that fall into this category are walking, jogging, running, swimming, dancing, push-ups, sit-ups, squats, and even aerobic exercises. This workout aims to improve your resistance, breathing, and your heart’s blood-pumping ability, especially to the brain. You will find this workout is simple and pretty convenient to be executed anywhere and anytime. But, it doesn’t mean that it is less impactful than other types of exercises.
  • Equipment Workout – This following type of workout relies mostly on the equipment you choose to workout with. There are many variants of workout equipment, such as dumbbells, kettlebells, workout balls, resistance bands, sandbags, body bars, and many others. This type of workout aims to improve the strength of some parts of your body’s muscles. For example, if you want to strengthen your biceps and triceps, you should work with dumbbells and weight bars.
  • Machine Workout – Last but not least, there is also a type of workout that heavily relies on the machine you use. This type of workout is slightly different from the equipment workout as you will find that the exercise improves the muscle strength of more than just one part of your body. Some variants of machine workouts include power racks, cable machines, hammer strength, chest press, lat pulldown, leg press, treadmills, elliptical machines, exercise bikes, rowing machines, and many others. You can easily access these machines at your local gym, or you can also build your own home gym if you want to invest a large amount of money.

Step by Step of How to Start Your Fitness Exercise

If all of the above sounds too theoretical for you, here’s a simple guide on how to start your fitness exercise right away:

  • Warm-up – The most essential thing to do before starting your exercise routine is to warm up. By warming up, you will decrease the risks of injuring your body while working out and reach further potential in each of your reps and sets. People usually do some stretching in sets before starting their exercise routine.
  • Choose Your Type of Workout – As stated above, there are many types of fitness workouts. You should pick the exercise based on your current fitness goals. Your goals may change throughout time as you gain more resistance and strength.
  • Assign Your Reps and Sets – Sets indicate how many times you repeat the same exercise. Whereas, reps tell how many counts you need for each set. For example, you do 3 sets of push-ups with 10 reps each.
  • Execute – After choosing the type of workout and assign your sets and reps, it is time to do it right away. Try to be strict with your sets so that you can improve gradually.
  • Cool-Down – As crucial as a warm-up before starting your exercise routine, you should also end your training with a cool-down. This will help to reduce the incoming soreness and pains after an intense workout routine.

Doing this rundown will help you start your exercise easily and show you how to do your fitness exercise properly. In addition, developing an exercise plan every day will help you build positive habits to reach those healthy and fit body goals.

Some Ways to Improve Your Fitness Exercise Regimen

  • Do some daily challenges, such as mixing and matching the workout types that you chose but still stick to the same fitness goals.
  • Watch some exercise videos as a guide throughout your exercise. These videos will also make you feel that you don’t exercise alone, and they will help you achieve a better result rather than following the plans you made by yourself.
  • The average workout time needed is around 2-3 hours a day. So, you should not overwork yourself as it will bring negative impacts to your body instead of positive ones. But, you can gradually increase the sets and reps of your workout to improve your resistance over time.

The key to having a balanced fitness exercise is to do them regularly every day. Only by doing this regularly will you be able to see the changes in your physical health and body mass. Also, consider getting a personal trainer if you can’t organize a proper exercise plan. Or you can also join a local gym and train with some peers. Lastly, a healthy diet will also help maintain your physical health in the long run or achieve your fitness goals faster and more balanced.